35 baby crocs born on shores of Tunga

35 baby crocs born on shores of Tunga

Baby crocodiles crawl out of the eggs on the shores of River Tunga at Kanagalakoppa in Shimoga. DH PHOTO

An eight-year old crocodile, about eight-foot long, had laid 38 eggs about three months ago in a burrow. Since Saturday night, the mother crocodile had kept a close guard of the eggs. Among the 38 eggs, 35 were hatched.

All the baby crocodiles have reached the river safely. The remaining three eggs may be hatched by Sunday night, Zonal Forest Officer Ranganath told Deccan Herald.

There are several crocodiles on the banks of River Tunga. The residents have never complained of any attacks by them so far.

Every year, the crocodiles lay eggs in the burrows, on the shores of Tunga.
Last year, a crocodile had laid hundreds of eggs here, according to Prakash, a resident.