3rd protest against night traffic in Bandipur

3rd protest against night traffic in Bandipur

The poster of #nighttrafficbeda campaign against demand for night traffic and elevated roads in Bandipur forests.

Like-minded people who are against the demands for night traffic and elevated roads in Bandipur are holding the third protest in a fortnight on Saturday at Maddur Range Checkpost, under Bandipur Tiger Reserve. It will be a silent protest ‘Save Bandipur’ from 11 am to 4 pm between Gundlupet and Sultan Batheri.

They have intensified the protests and have been networking with #nighttrafficbeda on the social media — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, gmail and also WhatsApp. The protest is being held without an umbrella organisation, without naming any particular organisation in view of garnering the support of all like-minded people.

Members of several outfits have already extended their support to the movement and most of them are expected to take part in the silent protest on Saturday.

Members of various factions of the Raitha Sangha and members of the Bar Associations have extended support. The protest has also received support from unexpected quarters. Members of several outfits from across the Kerala border have expressed solidarity with the like-minded people.

The first protest this month, was held on October 11 at Mysuru in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office. The second one was held at Melkamanahalli Arch, the Bandipur forest entry, on October 20.

A press note from #nighttrafficbeda campaigners states, “A campaign to save Bandipur, to protect and preserve our flora and fauna has been initiated. The move to lift the ban on night traffic on Bandipur Highway (NH 212) and to construct an elevated highway to facilitate traffic will be detrimental to our forests and wildlife.”

“Traffic-related accidents have killed innumerable wild animals in this region. The numbers saw considerable reduction after the night traffic ban was initiated.”

“Lifting the ban will pose grave dangers and increase the possibility of accident-related deaths of wild animals, especially the endangered tiger,” it states.

“In Karnataka, we have only 6% of land mass under wildlife habitats. If caution is not exercised to preserve them, we will soon be left with no wildlife in our forests. Without wildlife species, our forests will disappear. If the forests are eroded, our rivers will be filled with silt. Without water, we will die,” the press note states.

“Already, we have been impacted by global warming. The recent catastrophe in Kerala and Kodagu still haunts us. Are we prepared for more such man-made disasters? This is a united conservation movement, a people’s initiative. We have received overwhelming support from wildlife enthusiasts, environmentalists, professionals, students and people from all walks of life. Numerous NGOs, farmers’ representatives, local and civic bodies are joining us in the campaign,” the note states.

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