500 houses for Raichur flood victims

500 houses for Raichur flood victims

Housing Minister V Somanna, symbolically receiving the key of the 500 houses constructed for the flood affected people of Chikkamanchali, Talamari and Bichali, stated that the State government had been constructing 60,000 houses with the help of the donors under Asare scheme to rehabilitate the flood-hit families. Of them, construction of 40,000 houses will be completed before the end of March.

Before August

Before August, all the 60,000 houses will be constructed and provided to the flood-affected, he assured.

Flash floods during 2009 had shattered the lives of many villagers in the region. Many voluntary organisations, along with the Government, rushed to the help of the affected people. The CISCO came forward to construct 4,000 houses in the region to facilitate the poor families. The organisations had taken the initiative to improve education, health and other amenities to the people here, Somanna stated.

CISCO Executive Vice-President Vim Elfrink said the organisation had earlier handed over 500 houses and now another 500 houses were handed over to the Government. Along with constructing houses for the flood-affected, the organisation had also arranged health and education facilities. It had also made arrangements to provide English education to the children in selected schools.

Children learning under the community project had brought satisfaction to the organisation, he explained.