65 convicts at Mysore jail recommended for release

65 convicts at Mysore jail recommended for release

441 prisoners across State may walk free for good conduct

In what could be the end of their long wait for freedom, 65 convicts at the Central Prison, Mysore, have been recommended for release for their good conduct. They are among 441 prisoners from across the State whose names have been suggested to the prison department. 

Authorities at the Central Prison here prepared the list of 65 inmates, including a female murder convict, eligible for release for good conduct under the new guidelines framed by the department of law in January. Only convicts, who have served 14 years, including the period of detention, are eligible.

Sources told Deccan Herald that only those convicted of murder and dowry harassment and aged at least 40 had been recommended for release. No hardcore criminal has been included in the list, they stressed. 

The last time prisoners were released prematurely was in 2006-07 when H D Kumaraswamy was the chief minister. A total of 309 prisoners, including 59 from Mysore, had been released across the State back then. 

They were fortunate to have walked to freedom after serving just eight to 10 years against the minimum sentence of 14 years. 

Ever since, only prisoners who had completed their sentence were released or those who were unable to pay fine after philanthropists came to their help. Other prisoners’ dreams of freedom were dashed when the High Court ruled that the premature release of prisoners in 2006 was bad in law. 

Fearing prisoners’ backlash, the prison authorities then decided to hone their skills in various activities, especially theatre. Still, scores of frustrated prisoners did not give up hopes of premature release. They used such methods as launching hunger strikes and submitting memorandums to officials during their visits to jail.