A catch 22 situation for Haveri flood victims

A catch 22 situation for Haveri flood victims

Govt threatens to take back houses built for them

The village, on the banks of  River Varada, was ravaged by floods, following which government decided to construct houses with the help of the Tata company.  Accordingly 144 houses were built on a 13-acre plot and the place was named Navamannur.

Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa himself allotted the houses to 141 beneficiaries at a grand function organised on February 26. The government claimed that victims could start living in the houses the very next day. However, the ground realities were all together different.

Paucity of basic amenities

Though houses are in fairly good condition, the place lacks basic amenities. Even three months after the allotment of the houses, there is no water supply. Though a tank has been constructed, it lacks water connection. Further, there are no streetlights, school, Anganwadi Kendra or even primary health centre. As a result many of the beneficiaries have stayed back at old Mannur village.

However, the government without providing the basic amenities is adamant on beneficiaries staying in the houses. A notice has been issued through tahsildar threatening to take back the houses if victims fail to relocate to the new houses.

However, the big question in front of the beneficiaries is how to live in a locality devoid of basic amenities?

The beneficiaries, if they relocate to Navamannur, might have to visit Mannur, about two-km away, every day to collect drinking water. The beneficiaries are now questioning the logic behind the govenment’s obnoxious and inhumane attitude. Fearing government notice, 12 families have relocated to the Aasare houses but are facing innumerable problems, said other beneficiaries. “Even if government provides just water supply we are ready to shift,” they added.

“We cannot live in Mannur as there is constant threat of floods. But neither are we able to shift to Aasare houses due to lack of basic amenities. If government takes back the houses we will be condemned to destitution,” said Kavya Channappa Bellary, who urged the government to provide the basic amenities.