After Rajini, Akshay to shoot for TV show

After Rajini, Akshay to shoot for 'Man vs. Wild' show

Jungle encore

Survival instructor - TV presenter Bear Grylls shared his picture with actor Rajinikanth at Bandipur on his Twitter account.

Close on the heels of actor Rajinikanth shooting for TV show ‘Into the wild with Bear Grylls,’ Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar will shoot for another episode with Grylls at Bandipur on Thursday.

Kumar has already reached Bandipur and is staying at Serai Resort, according to Forest department officials.

Speaking to DH, Tiger Project Director T Balachandra said the department has given permission for shooting between 10 am and 4 pm on Thursday. They will shooting at Tiger Road and two other places, he said.

Bear Grylls has thanked Rajinikanth for his participation, via a tweet. The superstar responded, saying it was an unforgettable experience. It is said that Rajinikanth will give a message on saving water in the episode.