All India science conference kicks off

All India science conference kicks off

Students from over 250 schools and 700 colleges across the country took part in the first-ever All India Science conference organised by the Breakthrough Science Society here on Friday. 

Speaking on the occasion, eminent space scientist, Prof Roddam Narasimha, highlighted India’s contribution in science to the world and the importance of science in everyday life. He dispelled the myth that science came from the western world, and mentioned how India and China had progressed in the field. 

Earlier in the day, a ‘March for Science’ was organised with schoolchildren dressed as ancient, medieval and modern scientists. Children were dressed as Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, P C Ray, Aryabhatta, Charles Darwin and J C Bose. 

Indumati Rao, honorary coordinator of multimedia group at Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research, stressed that science must be given the prime importance in the society and that the progress of any nation depended on its progress in science. Science should not be just a career, but a way of life. 

Over 1,000 delegates, including professors, lecturers, teachers, science professionals, research scholars and postgraduates students, are attending the two-day conference.