Amulya case: D K Shivakumar favours cautious approach

Amulya case: D K Shivakumar favours cautious approach

Congress leader D K Shivakumar.

Congress leader D K Shivakumar has advised the government to exercise caution before taking any decision in connection with the pro-Pakistan sloganeering by 19-year old student Amulya Leona.

Speaking to reporters here, he said, "I have seen her (speak) in the past, and she follows 'vishwa manava' and other ideals," he said, adding that it wasn't clear what the girl wanted to say on-stage before she was arrested.

Nobody has encouraged people to disrespect India or favour some other nation. "I am not ready to encourage pro-Pak slogans or those disrespecting the nation, as our nation is important for us. We should also take note of what she had said about other nations in the past," he said, adding that the government should not muzzle the voices of dissent in the state.

Amulya was arrested by the police onstage at an anti-CAA event on Thursday, February 20, for raising pro-Pakistan slogans and was subsequently booked for sedition. Soon after, organisers of the event, which saw the participation of AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi, distanced themselves from the sloganeering.

On allegations that Congress was encouraging the protests, Shivakumar said that BJP couldn't see anything apart from the Congress. CAA is a national issue and not the Congress party's alone, he said.

"The whole world is watching us due to the ongoing CAA protests," he said.