Another inscription discovered in Kalasa

Another inscription discovered in Kalasa

Assistant Agricultural Officer H R Panduranga has discovered another inscription in Chandranatha Swami Basadi in Kalasa.

A year ago, an inscription was found behind the idol of the deity in the Basadi. Decoding the inscriptions, the officials have unearthed the exact period of the Basadi’s construction.

The discovery of another inscription by Panduranga has stirred intense curiosity in the area. The inscription was found at the ‘pada peetha’, the pedestal of the ‘Pancha Parameshthi’ idol in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

The inscription was studied with the help of Basadi priest Ajit Kumar.

According to the information provided in the inscription, a vendor called Nagisetty, installed the ‘Pancha Parameshthi’ idol in the Basadi after performing ‘Karmanirjare Nompi

The inscription contains four lines distributed on the three sides of the pedestal. On the basis on the script, it was concluded that the idol was inscribed during Keladi dynasty in the 18th