'Aquarium Tunnel' to attract aquatic lovers

'Aquarium Tunnel' to attract aquatic lovers

For the first time, an ‘Aquarium Tunnel’, displaying various exotic aquatic species, will be the centre of attraction during Dasara.

As part of ‘Raitha Dasara’ and ‘Krishi Mela’, the department of Fisheries has organised ‘Matsya Mela’, an aquatic species exhibition, to provide information on fish to farmers, on October 12, 13 and 14 on G K grounds here.

The Fisheries department has awarded a tender to ‘Mermaid Aquariums and Ponds’, owned by Sammer Ahammed and Syed Hamid Hussain, to erect a 20-feet long aquarium tunnel for exhibiting exotic aquatic species.

Speaking to DH, Sammer Ahammed said, “For the first time, we have created this tunnel, exclusively for Dasara in Matsya Mela. Nearly 200 kinds of ornamental fish will be exhibited.”

Fish species like neon tetra, guppy, poecilia sphenops (common molly), cherry barb, pearl gourami, green swordtail, goldfish, killifish, siamese fighting fish, silver arowana, stingray, ornamental fish varieties, African cichlids and high fin shark will be on display. A few more exotic aquatic species will be exported from Bangkok and Malaysia, he said. Along with the aquatic tunnel, there will be two aquariums of 2.5 feet width, two aquariums of 3 feet, six aquariums of 4 feet width, Koi I ponds and a single marine fish tank.

Speaking to DH, Deputy Director for Fisheries K Narayan said, the aquatic exhibition is organised with an intention to educate farmers and to encourage them to take up fisheries.
“During the exhibition, we will provide information on fisheries and there will be stalls exhibiting fish related products, aquarium fishes and fishing accessories. Resource persons will provide information on fisheries,” he added.