‘Article 370 blocks Kashmir’s emotional integration’

‘Article 370 blocks Kashmir’s emotional integration’

BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav on Wednesday asserted his party’s stand on abrogating Article 370, saying that would lead to “complete emotional integration” of Kashmiris with the rest of India.

“It is Article 370 that has become a major hindrance in complete emotional integration of the people of Kashmir and rest of the country. Article 370 is not a facilitator. It’s actually a stumbling block, a hindrance to total integration. Removal of 370 will pave the way for greater integration,” Madhav told reporters here.  

He was responding to National Conference leader Omar Abdullah’s challenge to the BJP on abrogating Article 370, and that the national flag will not be unfurled in Jammu & Kashmir. The BJP, in its manifesto, has promised abrogation of the Article 370 that gives autonomous status to Jammu & Kashmir.

“At the time of elections, the real colours of all the leaders of Kashmir-centric parties will come out before the public...how vitiated their minds are and how separatist their thinking is,” Madhav said. “The unification of Kashmir was over the day the instrument of accession was signed in 1948 by Maharaja Hari Singh,” he pointed out.

Madhav also said the Supreme Court dismissing the Centre’s objection on admissibility of “leaked” documents on the Rafale issue was not a setback.

“Whatever the Supreme Court wants, all those things will be placed by the government. There’s nothing to hide. It’s only an effort to create confusion in the minds of the people. The government is transparent. People trust Modi more than anyone else,” he said.