Assistance inadequate in Bellary

The government machinery is slowly kicking in here, four days after the water receded. Work is going on at snail’s pace. The District administration has funds running up to crores of rupees. However, there is no concerted scheme for utilising the funds to help the flood-affected. Bureaucratic processes take up precious time.

The district has received kits from Bangalore and clothes from Davangere. Over 23,000 chapatis have been sent from Tumkur; but those living on the banks of the rivers say that they have received no aid from the government.

Many NGOs and private organisations have stepped in to provide aid. The Ramakrishna Ashramas of Bellary, Belgaum and Mysore have provided the people with materials to construct their makeshift accommodation. The Kottur Swamy Mutt, Hospet, is distributing food to four villages. Owners of Fair Price Shops in Bellary have sent 1000 quintals of rice.
The DC has said that arrangements will be made to set up temporary sheds in the areas ravaged by the floods.

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