AWBI says no cruelty to animals during festival

AWBI says no cruelty to animals during festival

Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has asked all the state governments and animal husbandry departments to ensure no cruelty towards animals during the Bakrid celebration.

In its recent guidelines, AWBI has reached out all the chief secretaries, director-general of police and director, Animal Husbandry department of all states to stop illegal killing/sacrificing of cows/calves, camels and other animals and has sought action against the offenders for violation of transport of Animal Rules on the occasion of Bakrid.

“Its a fact that large number of animals are likely to be slaughtered during Bakrid festival. It is reported that during the transportation of animals, the owners of the animals do not follow the animal welfare laws and Transport of Animal Rules, which prescribe the number of animals which can be transported in the vehicle, resulting in cruelty to the animals. It is noticed that the animals suffer and are subjected to various cruelties and some of the animals even die during transportation,” the letter said.

It has asked the officials to ensure that no person will slaughter any animal in the municipal area except in the slaughterhouse, licensed by the authorities concerned. The Board has also clearly stated that the animals which are pregnant or have an offspring less of than three months or is under three months of age cannot be slaughtered.

Quoting the judgements of Supreme Court of India, the letter also says that camels cannot be slaughtered for food at all. It has also said that slaughtering of cows should not be allowed wherever the Cow Slaughter Prohibition Act is enforced.