Bandipur: HC refuses to lift ban

Bandipur: HC refuses to lift ban

Hearing the impleading applications of the Kerala Government, Kerala Road Transport Corporation and Karnataka-Kerala Travellors Forum and others, who have sought to lift the ban ordered by the High Court in the last week of July, the Division Bench comprising of Chief Justice P D Dinakaran and Justice V G Sabhahit refused to do so saying, “there is no question of lifting the ban.” 

When the applicants said that the ban will affect them badly as they are dependent on the perishable commodities like milk and vegetables from Karnataka. They said that the night ban would result in delay in transportation of commodities which in turn will affect the freshness of commodities, Chief Justice Dinakaran, said that they have to transport them earlier than they do it now.

When the applicants sought to ease the ban atleast until the festival season gets over, the Court said that there is no compromise with the wildlife and forest related matter. The Court directed them to take an alternative route instead. “We have not banned it completely, we have just restricted movement during night,” the Court said. “Even during my recent visit to Ooty, I travelled in the morning after staying at Mysore the previous night, you can travel by day,” said Chief Justice Dinakaran.

No alternative routes
When the applicants tried to point out that there are no alternative routes to Kerala and argued that Wyanad remains completely cutoff following this ban, Advocate General Ashok Harnahalli said that there are alternative routes.

The petition is filed by L Srinivasa Babu City based advocate and Party in Person, who  has moved the High Court against the withdrawl of the ban on vehicular movement along this stretch.

The petitioner had challenged the withdrawl of the ban order dated June 3 within a week. The petitioner had stated that the over speeding vehicles are killing the rare and endangered wildlife.

Two roads pass through Bandipur national park, which is also a tiger reserve. The first national highway Bandipur- Mudhumalai strech covers a distance of 13 kms, while the second Bandipur- Sulthan Batheri stretch is 23 kms.