BJP is a name-changer, not game-changer: Khushbu

BJP is a name-changer, not game-changer: Khushbu

Film star and AICC spokesperson Khushbu Sundar campaigns for Bangalore Central Congress candidate Rizwan Arshad in Bengaluru on Wednesday. DH Photo

The BJP has been a name-changer and not a game-changer as it claims to be, AICC spokesperson and actor Khushbu Sundar said on Wednesday.

“People made a mistake by bringing the BJP to power, but this time, they have decided not to do that,” she told reporters. “There’s theft happening in the country, but the chowkidar is not doing anything about it. This raises suspicion that of his own involvement,” she said.

She hailed the Congress’ election manifesto as a document which comprises promises that can be fulfilled.

Roadshow, and a slap

Khushbu also participated in a roadshow for the Congress’ Bangalore Central candidate Rizwan Arshad.

At Murphy Town, Khushbu slapped a youngster. The incident happened while Khushbu was making her way through a crowd toward the campaign vehicle. She suddenly turned around and slapped a man, who was immediately whisked away by the police.

“She felt a touch that made her uncomfortable,” a Congress leader who was with Khushbu said. When the roadshow reached Gowthampura, Khushbu addressed voters in Tamil.