BMTC to get the lion’s share of 3,544 buses

BMTC to get the lion’s share of 3,544 buses

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) will get 1,299 buses, the maximum from the 3,544 vehicles apportioned to the four Road Transport Corporations (RTCs).

The BMTC, however, had announced last July that it had to scrap 1,298 buses in 2018. That will leave the corporation with one surplus bus. The high expenditure on running older buses, which needs to be scrapped again next year, is likely to continue.

Of the remaining allocation, the KSRTC will get 1,265 buses, NWKRTC 630 and NEKRTC 350.

Additionally, the budget has announced construction of 44 bus stations and 10 bus depots in the year 2019-20.

The four RTCs are reeling under cumulative losses of Rs 2,452.34 crore. The budget has overlooked demands of activists and experts, who wanted the government to support them with financial aid.

The chief minister has promised to provide funds to the BMTC in the next year's budget to boost its fleet, but it is unclear if this would translate into reality.

The budget also promises to provide child care rooms for the nourishment of children in bus stations at all district centres and major taluk centres.