BSY’s close aide quits as BJP BC Morcha chief

BSY’s close aide quits as BJP BC Morcha chief

B J Puttaswamy

Upset with party for not making him an MLC, former minister B J Puttaswamy on Monday resigned as the president of state BJP Backward Classes Morcha.

In his letter to party state president B S Yeddyurappa, he has claimed that despite discharging his duties earnestly, the party had not considered him for the MLC post.

He has also expressed his anguish over being sidelined by Yeddyurappa, despite his loyalty to him and the party.

Puttaswamy, who was an MLC, completed his term on June 17. He was hoping to be re-nominated to the Upper House, and had even expressed his desire to Yeddyurappa. “Unmindful of my own plight, I have strongly defended you before the media and the people every time there were charges against you. I continued to be loyal to the party, despite facing death threats and raids on me.

I hope you will realise that nobody stood by you like me, during your times of trouble. I also had to forsake my ministership for no fault of mine. In addition to organising rallies and working for the welfare of the backward classes, I also worked hard as a star campaigner during polls. I don’t know why I wasn’t made the MLC, despite me expressing my desire,” Puttaswamy has said in his three-page letter to Yeddyurappa.