Cauvery dams at best levels in recent times

Cauvery dams at best levels in recent times

With the monsoon becoming active in the Cauvery catchment area in the neighbouring Kodagu district, the inflow to the KRS dam, in Srirangapatna taluk, Mandya district, has increased.

This has brought cheers among the farmers of the Cauvery basin, who have been facing drought for the past few years. They are hoping that the dam, which had not reached its full capacity of 124.8 ft for some years now, may cross the 100-ft mark soon and race towards its maximum level.

The KRS is the major water source for several districts in South Karnataka.

Hassan and parts of Mysuru district too have been receiving rains, increasing the water level in the major reservoirs of the Cauvery basin.

The water level in the KRS reservoir stood at 82.8 feet on the morning of June 12. The inflow was 17,883 cusecs and outflow 342 cusecs. Last year, the water level on the corresponding day was 67.51 feet, with an inflow of 648 cusecs and outflow of 529 cusecs.

The water level, which was 77 feet on June 7, has increased by 5.51 feet in the last five days. If the rain continues in the same pace in Kodagu district, the KRS dam may reach its maximum level soon.

The water in River Hemavathi has risen due to copious rain in Sakleshpur and Alur taluks, in Hassan district. The low-lying areas in the river course have been inundated. The Hole Malleshwaraswami temple has been partially submerged. The water level in Hemavathi reservoir stood at 2,880.75 feet on Tuesday against its maximum level of 2,922 feet.

The water level on the corresponding day last year was 2,852.9 feet. The inflow on June 12 was 29,379 cusecs, whereas it was 457 cusecs last year. The outflow was 200 cusecs against 150 cusecs last year. The water in Kabini reservoir was 2,271 feet as against the maximum level of 2,284 feet. The inflow was 17,000 cusecs and outflow 100 cusecs. In 2017, the water level on the corresponding day was 2,248 feet, with an inflow of 502 cusecs and outflow of 100 cusecs. The water level in the dam has increased by 14 ft over the last one week.

With heavy rains lashing HD Kote and other taluks, the farmers who had begun sowing are worried that the saplings would get destroyed.

Heavy rain, accompanied by thunder, lightning and gusty wind, lashed Kalaburagi city and surrounding areas for 20 to 30 minutes on Tuesday night.

The India Meteorological department has predicted that the rain lashing Kodagu district may recede slightly in the next few days. The rainfall in the district will be between 10 mm and 35 mm. The scientists predict that the region would get good showers after a brief lull.