Changes in SSLC paper next year

Changes in SSLC paper next year

To increase logical thinking among students and to conduct exams in more transparent manner, the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) has decided to make little changes in the question paper pattern for SSLC examinations from March 2020 exams.

As per the decision taken by board, the SSLC question papers for 2020 March/April exams will have a question carrying five marks which needs descriptive answer. Meanwhile, the questions carrying three marks have been increased and questions carrying two marks have been decreased in number.

However, the officials clarified that there will not be any changes in multiple choice questions and questions carrying one mark. The questions which carry two marks have been reduced from 16 to eight. This revision in question paper pattern will result in less number of questions in total. According to the order issued by the board, the number of questions has been reduced to 38 from 40.

Officials of the board said that the revised pattern was aimed at preventing malpractice in the examination. "These changes will help reduce mass copying during examinations and also enable students to think logically while answering the questions," said a senior official of the board.

Before incorporating these changes, the board had constituted a committee to study the question paper patterns of previous years.

The blue print will be sent to schools and teachers have been asked to follow it.