Cheques & balances of a photo faux pas

Cheques & balances of a photo faux pas

The cheques for a total of 313 British pounds sent by Peter Devarell.

This Englishman has taken repentance to a new high.

Peter Devarell virtually gatecrashed into a wedding on November 17 last year, photographed the goings-on in the nook and cranny of the Virupaksha temple, the venue, thinking that some pooja may be on.

The reason for his judgment or the lack of it was that he saw men and women in rich traditional attire. Wisdom dawned on him after a conversation with one of those in the crowd.

Having retreated quietly, he had a sore feeling that he had trespassed into a private function and clicked pictures at will. 

Reaching home, Peter felt he was duty to make good his indiscretion. On July 27, he sent three cheques amounting to 313 British pounds, addressed to the manager of the temple. The amount would be roughly equivalent to Rs 28,000.

The three cheques - for 251 British pounds meant for the bride and the groom, 51 British pounds for the priest who conducted the marriage and 11 British pounds for the temple authorities - were sent to the manager as he does not the addresses of the recipients, says a two-page letter accompanying the cheques. 

The letter and the cheques reached the manager on August 13. Peter's letter says his act may have caused pain to those at the wedding and so, he was sending in the cheques as a way of repentance. 

Peter has requested that the cheques may be handed over to the concerned, hoping that they will forgive him for his act.

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