Civil defence personnel try to save cars, injured

Civil defence personnel try to save cars, injured

Civil Defence workers in action as the flames engulf cars. DH Photo

Smoke choked five civil defence personnel during the operation to save the parked cars from the blaze. Around 20 personnel sustained cut wounds.

As the fire engines took some time to reach the spot, the civil defence personnel were already involved in saving some of the cars that they could, by breaking open the window panes, releasing handbrakes of the cars and parking them at a safe area. In the process, some of them sustained injuries and others were choked by the thick smoke emanated along with a typical burnt rubber odour.

Naveen S, one of the civil defence personnel, quickly called the ambulance to the spot after he collapsed following the emanation of thick smoke. He was given necessary treatment by the doctors at the spot.

Speaking to DH, a doctor, who wished to be anonymous, said, “I attended some five choking cases of fire personnel till the fire was doused. Oxygen suffocation is common in this situation as the smoke is too thick with a strong odour.”

Some civil defence personnel, who tried to break open the window panes, suffered severe injuries. They were provided treatment by the doctors on the spot.

Chief Secretary Vijayabhaskar said, “It is unfortunate that a fire broke out in the parking lot (P4) near Gate 5 of the AERO India show in the morning. The cause of the fire is being investigated. Around 25 fire tenders and 150 firemen battled for two hours to get the fire under control. Despite their best efforts, some 300 plus vehicles were damaged or burnt”.

He added, “Additional BMTC buses were deployed to ferry those whose cars were burnt and were stranded at the venue.”