‘CM seeking peace in village stay name’

‘CM seeking peace in village stay name’

Malikayya Guttedar

Former minister and BJP leader Malikayya Guttedar has criticised that Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, in the name of village stay, has decided to sleep in peace at schools in villages to rid himself of suffocating situation prevailing in Bengaluru.

Speaking at a press conference here on Tuesday, he said the chief minister has caught between pressure from the rebel MLAs and domineering Coalition Coordination Committee Chairman Siddaramaiah.

Due to this, he has lost peace. Kumaraswamy is undertaking village stay to relax for himself but not for rural development, Guttedar chided.

He said Kumaraswamy is disturbed after his son was trounced in Mandya in the recent Lok Sabha election and senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge too is in pursuit of peace after he was defeated in the election due to his son-minister Priyank Kharge’s arrogance in Kalaburagi. Hence, both the leaders are roaming somewhere, he criticised.

“We are not against the village stay as it is a good attempt. The works to be done by the ministers, being with the people throughout the day, is a good development. Did the villages where Kumaraswamy stayed overnight earlier see development? He made an overnight stay at Mannur village of Afzalpur taluk in 2006. The village was selected even for Suvarna Grama scheme. But not even one single infrastructure facility has been provided to it so for,” he claimed.