CMC apathy blamed for sorry state of Race Course Road

CMC apathy blamed for sorry state of Race Course Road

The present condition of the Race Course Road in Madikeri.

The representatives and officials continue to turn a blind eye at the bad condition of the Race Course Road although it is a heavily packed stretch in town.

The road leads to the tourist spot Raja Seat and new private bus stand in town. The road also connects many homestays and resorts.

The hillocks by the road have been threatening to collapse, following heavy rain.

In order to facilitate the easy movement of buses to the new bus stand, the Race Course Road was widened by the City Municipal Council. The hillock by the road was not cleared for the widening. As a result and also due to rain, a portion of the hillock has been caving in. The residents in the locality are under threat, following landslides.

“The CMC was at fault while widening the road. The work was carried out in a hurry. The use of earthmovers while carrying out the road widening has proved costly,” BJP leaders have said.

“Moreover, the CMC did not construct the retaining wall while widening the road,” they pointed out.

The Opposition leaders had opposed the unscientific works in the past. But, the CMC continued the work in its own manner. As a result, the lives of people are at stake. The sides of the road have been caving in due to the movement of heavy vehicles. There are several houses in both sides of Race Course Road.

The compound wall of a house collapsed due to the unscientific excavation of soil during road construction. A mobile tower is about to collapse due to caving in of soil. The appeal made by the residents to the CMC and the elected representatives, requesting to construct a retaining wall, have fallen on deaf ears.

Students, local residents and tourists ply on Race Course Road almost on a daily basis. But after the hillock has been caving in, the vehicle riders hesitate to drive use the stretch.

Currently, the deputy commissioner is the administrative officer of the CMC. People in the City Municipal Council wards are clueless on whom to take their problems to.

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