Congress dumped me, but I’m not alone: M B Patil

Congress dumped me, but I’m not alone: M B Patil

Congress leader and MLA M B Patil, who is upset that he did not find a place in the H D Kumaraswamy-led Cabinet, said on Friday, that the Congress had dumped him. But as if he was sending out a message, Patil said that 'he was not alone'.

“Just because the Congress has dumped me, I cannot dump Congress,” he said, after a discussion with Chief Minister Kumaraswamy who rushed to his house to pacify him.

Patil, a former minister who spearheaded the Lingayat religion movement, said he was part of a team comprising at least 20 legislators. “I’m not alone. People like Satish Jarkiholi, M T B Nagaraju and others are with me and we’re together,” he said.

Jarkiholi and Nagaraju, also ministerial aspirants who missed the bus, have expressed their dismay publicly. “I’m no senior or junior. We’re all equals. We will soon sit together and decide what’s next. But we are not thinking of quitting,” Patil said.

Emerging from Patil’s house, Kumaraswamy pleaded helplessness. “I heard Patil out and listened to his anger. But there’s nothing I can do. Only Congress can fix this. I came to pacify him because we share a personal relationship. My work is limited to conveying to the Congress high command that they need to take remedial steps immediately,” Kumaraswamy said.

Congress is facing dissidence with many senior leaders miffed that they were not given a place in the cabinet. The Congress chose 14 legislators to become ministers in the coalition government, which includes D K Shivakumar who also threw a tantrum seeking a ministerial berth.

The likes of M B Patil, H K Patil, S R Patil, Satish Jarkiholi, Shamanur Shivashankarappa, Ramalinga Reddy, R Roshan Baig - all of whom were ministers in the previous Siddaramaiah government - are upset.