Cong-JD(S) coalition is a '20% commission govt': Modi

Cong-JD(S) coalition is a '20% commission govt': Modi

Narendra Modi (AFP File Photo)

In a scathing attack on the Congress-JDS government in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday dubbed it as a "20 per cent commission government."

Addressing a rally here in north Karnataka, Modi said the Congress-JDS coalition's "only mission is commission", attacking it on the issue of corruption.

Modi branded the earlier government (Siddaramaiah's) as a "10 per cent commission" government, but now with Congress and JDS joining hands, it had become a "20 per cent commission government."

He asked whether the Lok Sabha elections was about "nation first or family first," as he attacked the dynasty politics of several anti-BJP parties.

Modi also asserted that there was a wave across the country favouring the return of his government. In the first phase of Lok Sabha polls on Thursday, the opposition parties would not be able to sustain, Modi said.

"Phir Ek Bar...." Modi said, and the huge crowd roared in approval saying, "Modi Sarkar. The Prime Minister also drew huge applause when he spoke in Kannada towards the end of his speech, hailing every strata of society and asking them to say Chowkidar'.