Dental students to learn how to handle emergencies

Dental students to learn how to handle emergencies

The Karnataka State Dental Council (KSDC) is all set to introduce a two-day special programme that gives an overview of basic medical emergencies. This will make dental students fit for different medical challenges.

The programme will be part of the internship, wherein the students will be thought about the basic medical assistance that one needs during an emergency.

The move comes after a few cases in recent times, of patients who came for dental treatment faced medical emergencies like heart attack and breathing problem. The dentists were also not trained to attend any other medical emergencies like accidents. 

Confirming this, Dr Rajkumar S Alle, president of KSDC, said this was a much-needed training for upcoming dentists.

“If the dentist is capable of handling the situation, he can save the lives of the patients. Students will learn about management practice, soft skills, infection control, medical legal issues, statutory requirements and latest technology. With this, the dentist can at least support or assist in saving lives, till they get proper medical attention from a specialist,” Alle told DH.

The students will undergo the latest prescribed internship programme from the current academic year itself. Nearly 3,000 interns will compulsorily undergo the programme, scheduled to be held before the students start the regular internship.