Deve Gowda says he's working on his autobiography

Former prime minister H D Deve Gowda said on Thursday that he was working on his autobiography, documenting the trials and tribulations, the pro-people agitations he had undertaken and the allegations he had to face in his lifetime.

The former prime minister said he was recording the travails of his political life in the book for the benefit of the future generations and not for the present day politicians.

Addressing reporters in the city, the former prime minister said that he had seen people’s troubles up close. But, he had to face criticism whenever he tried to provide justice to the affected. Gowda said he could not guarantee whether his own children or partymen would draw from his life’s experiences.    

He defended the lathi charge by the Delhi police on those protesting against the gangrape of a student in the capital. He said the accused could not be hanged just because protests were held. The due process of law had to be followed, Gowda said. How could the police sit quiet when protestors tried to enter the Rashtrapathi Bhavan, he asked.

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