Devotees rebuild Vyasaraja Brindavana

Devotees rebuild Vyasaraja Brindavana

Sosale Mutt seer Vidyashreesha Tirtha consecrates the rebuilt Brindavan of medieval Madhwa saint Vyasaraja Tirtha at Nava Brindavana Gadde, Anegondi, Koppal district, on Friday. DH Photo

The Brindavana (tomb) of Madhwa saint Vyasaraja Tirtha, which was found vandalised by some miscreants at Nava Brindavana Gadde near here in search of treasure on Thursday, was rebuilt and consecrated on Friday.

Hundreds of devotees, Subudhendra Tirtha of Mantralaya Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Sosale Vyasaraja Mutt seer Vidyadheesha Tirtha, junior seer Vidyamanohara Tirtha Satyatma Tirtha of Uttaradi Mutt and Vishwesha Tirtha of Pejawar Adhokshaja Mutt, Udupi, took part in the consecration of the Brindavan of one of the most venerated saints of the medieval period.

The Brindavana was rebuilt without using cement or concrete. The devotees used jaggery water, lime, sand and traditional construction materials. The reconstruction work and religious rituals began at 6 am under the guidance of more than 50 monks.

Mumbai-based architect Neeraj Kulkarni, who has studied the monuments around Hampi, guided the reconstruction work. A team of special architects from Velur, Tamil Nadu, carved the embellishments around the Brindavana. 

The Brindavan (tomb) of Sri Vyasaraja Tirtha is one among the nine Brindavans (of the nine saints of the tradition) at the Nava Brindavan Gadde (island) premises on the bank of River Tungabhadra.

The vandalisation of the Brindavana had come to light on Thursday morning when a few devotees visited the site for performing rituals after the lunar eclipse. The religious can be reached only through boats.

Saint Vyasaraja Tirtha (1490-1539) was a renowned Madhwa scholar and was the royal spiritual teacher of Sri Krishnadevaraya, the most famous emperor of Vijayanagar empire.

He had several hundred disciplines, including Purandara Dasa and Kanaka Dasa. His works include Nyayamritam, Tarkatandava and Tatparya Chandrika.

He is referred to as the previous avatar of Raghavendra Swamy.