13 areas vulnerable to natural disaster: GSI study

13 areas vulnerable to natural disaster: GSI study

As many as 13 residential areas in Madikeri and Somwarpet have been identified to be vulnerable to natural disaster, according to a study carried out by the team of scientists from the Geological Survey of India (GSI).

The places are: Niduvattu, Baribelacchu, Hebbettageri, Devasturu, Tantipala, Badigeri, Mukkodlu, Meghattalu, Makkanduru, Udayagiri, Katakeri, Made (Jodupala) and Second Monnageri.

During a workshop held in Madikeri, the geologists stated that the soil in the hills had been loosened in several areas and in many places, the hills have developed cracks.

The area affected by landslides last year is the most vulnerable. The scientists have advised the district administration to shift the people from such regions to safer locations, soon after receiving a warning from the department concerned. The walls of the houses may develop cracks suddenly during the outbreak of a natural disaster. The roads on the hilly regions may cave in. Shaking of trees on the roadsides should be considered seriously and the people should move to safer places.

The study was conducted by senior scientists K V Maruthy, Sunandan Basu and Amar Jyothi from GSI.