2 Mysore boys go missing

2 Mysore boys go missing

The 12 and 15-year-old boys have decided to look for a job in Mangalore

Shoyeb’s brothers Mohammed Arif and Mohammed Thousif, who have come to Mangalore in search of their brother told Deccan Herald that Shoyeb, a 7th standard student of Government School in Mysore, arrived at home after school hours on February 14 and left home for playing, as usual.

As he did not return till late night, the family members started searching for Shoyeb when they met Mohammed Gaus (also Shoyeb’s classmate) on road at night. Upon questioning, Gaus spilled the beans that Zulfikar (another classmate) took him (Gaus) and Shoyeb to Mysore railway station on February 14 evening. The trio also booked a ticket to Mangalore.

When the train was about to leave for Mangalore, Gaus alighted from the train fearing that his father would scold/beat him. He reportedly told Arif that he had also requested Shoyeb to return home, but the duo (Shoyeb and Zulfiker) continued their journey towards Mangalore. Zulfiker has reportedly told Gaus that he is planning to find a job in Mangalore.

The family members have sought help from Pandeshwar police and they are also searching for the boys in Mangalore.

Interestingly, Zulfiker had run away from his home three years ago and returned home last year, when his father decided to admit him to 7th standard. He had told his father that he was in Tamil Nadu for 2 years.

Zulfiker has taken Rs 1,500 from his home while leaving on February 14. It is also learnt that he also sold his mobile phone just a week ago.

Narasimharaja police in Mysore have registered a case and further investigations are on. If anybody gets any clue about these boys, they can inform the nearest police station or dial 100.