A riot of colours in Kolar

A riot of colours in Kolar

Holi Mubarak

Friends and relatives exchanged wishes and smeared colours on each other. Hundreds of people gathered in groups and ran around colouring their neighbours and well wishers.

Roads, lanes, grounds and colonies were splashed with a variety of colours all around. Children pranced around with colour sprays, as elders drenched them in buckets of water.

Inspite of the examination fever, children and youths stole time to splurge in the festival of colours. The festival of colours paves way for mending relationships, patching up, burying hatchets and forgiving and forgetting. Celebrated on the full moon day, the festival arrives in the month of Phalguna. It is also the victory of good over bad and welcoming better times ahead. People from all walks of life take part in the festival.

Members of various associations and organisations also celebrated Holi by distributing fruits and sweets. Crackers were burst and the revellers danced around campfire. A flag was also hoisted at the new bus stand circle.

As part of Holi festival, the Adima Cultural organisation had organised cultural programmes on the outskirts of the City. As part of the 58th full moon day celebrations, Sanchalana team presented P Lankesh’s ‘Sankranthi’ drama on the occasion.