Ayurvedic Research Centre in Mysore soon

Ayurvedic Research Centre in Mysore soon

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Naturopathy mode of treatment is quite popular and people don’t mind shelling out huge sums of money to access nature cure treatment, irrespective of whether it is at a private clinic, or at any swanky place even if it is in some other corner of the state.

Playing host to this state-of-the-art Ayurvedic Research Centre, Mysore can claim to have first such centre in the state. The centre would take up wide research in the field of Ayurveda.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Dr G N Srikantaiah, IFS, who is the Director, Department of Ayurveda Yoga Unani Sidda and Herbal medicine (AYUSH), said that Yoga and naturopathy are drugless therapies and more and more people though interested in taking up these treatments are always misguided saying it as there are no evidences for these therapies.

The Research Centre is being set up in the city with expert scientists involving themselves in research works for the benefit of the people and would certainly put an end to such opinions, he said.

100-bedded hospital

A 100-bedded Panchakarma hospital, the construction of which is underway would be completed in a year and would be dedicated to the people.

The ground floor is complete and the work is on for the first floor. 

Panchakarma treatments are said to be a perfect cure for the neurological disorders, joints pain, arthritis, spondylitis and such other ailments.

More and more people who have tried a variety of other treatments have found solace in Panchakarma treatment which tries to find the root cause of the disease and begin the treatment.

Project estimate

The total project is estimated to be around ` 40 crore. The State Government has been funding the project and the authorities have even approached the Centre for more funds, says Srikantaiah. MLA S A Ramdas would lay the foundation stone for the Naturopathy Hospital and College and Ayruvedic Research Centre on April 13, according to sources.