Banners eat up public places in Kolar

Banners eat up public places in Kolar

City Municipality to earmark locations to erect cut-outs in the City

Almost all the major thoroughfares in the City - MG Road, Clock Tower, Dome Light Circle, Bangarpet Circle, Ammavari Pet Circle, Government Boys’ College Circle, Mecce Circle, Gandhi Vana Cirlce, Tekal Road etc - are swarmed with banners and cut-outs.

Finding a way
Residents struggle to navigate the pot-holed roads even as the road-side banners of elected representatives boast of development. Buntings and banners were put out on MG Road and near district hospital on the occasion of Kanaka Jayanti. They are yet to be removed even after days of the celebrating the occasion.

The new bus stand has become obscure with cut outs ruling the roost. Some come in the way of pedastrian path. They continue to occupy the public place till some one replaces them with a new one. And, there are plenty of occasions to tie a banner or erect a cut-out.

The banners and cut-outs apart from defacing the City, have also become dangerous. A banner has been put up across a transformer pole near Kalamma Temple street.
The banner masks the transformer and no one can make out the presence of a transformer. Workers who tie the banner face the risk of suffering electrical shock.

Cut-outs have also been posing risk for motorists, often blocking visibility. Rules stipulate that prior permission should be obtained from the City Municipality before putting out banners and cut-outs at public places after remitting a stipulated fee.

However, according to sources in the Municipality, none of the organisations/individuals who have erected cut-outs have not paid any fee nor obtained licence from the competent authority.

The source, speaking to Deccan Herald said a decision removing the unauthorised banners would be taken at a meeting. It is said the municipality would allow banners only at new bus stand, Mekke Circle, Old Bus Stand and Bangarpet Circle only. The civic agency would impose fine for putting up banners elsewhere.

When questioned on the omnipresent unauthorised banners at present, an officer said: “What else can we do now? They have already been put up.”

The municipal council could rake up a substantial sum in the form of fee for putting up banners. It would also put a check on defacing public places at will.