Bazaar Street in Chikkaballapur: Plagued by civic irregularities

Bazaar Street in Chikkaballapur: Plagued by civic irregularities

Order has no takers: There is virtually no place for pedestrians on Bazaar Road, Chikkaballapur. DH photos

Bazaar Street in Chikkaballapur is one such example. The footpath in the street is completely encroached upon and vehicles are parked in a haphazard manner, creating a lot of inconvenience to both pedestrians and motorists. A few shop owners have undertaken illegal construction in complete violation of building bylaws.

“Encroachment of footpath cannot be avoided, as we have  no other place to conduct our business,” said one of the shop owners on Bazaar Street.

Improper implementation of the one-way traffic has only added to the woes of motorists.
“In case a heavy vehicle passes through the Street, the whole traffic in the Street would come to a grinding halt. Moreover, as flower and vegetable vendors transact on the street, people who need to buy the produce are forced to park their vehicles at least for a few minutes, resulting in chaotic traffic,” said a resident of Chikkaballapur, who frequently uses the Bazaar Street.

Chaotic traffic, encroached footpaths, illegal structures that have come up on the Street are all creating a lot of inconvenience to pedestrians, buyers and motorists on the Bazaar Street.

“Why is the District Administration, which is responsible for vacating illegal structures on the streets in the City, is remaining silent on numerous civic irregularities being practiced on the Bazaar Street,” said Krishne Gowda, a resident.

Moreover, one has to pass through the Bazaar Street to reach City Municipal Council office, police station and Gangamma Gudi Road, which houses the maximum number of jewellery shops in the City, he added.

“The CMC and the District Administration should take stringent steps to address civic problems on the Bazaar Street. Moreover, the police should take steps to address the  traffic woes soon,” he added.