Continuous rain: Coffee planters fear crop loss

Continuous rain: Coffee planters fear crop loss

Coffee planters have been fearing a huge crop loss as the coffee fruits have started withering due to continuous and heavy rain.

On the other hand, areca farmers, too, are worried as they are not able to spray insecticides to the plants.

During the current year, most of the coffee plants were healthy and the planters expected more gain compared to the earlier year.

But the continuous rain has been affecting the crop. In June month alone, 1,100 mm of rainfall has been recorded, resulting in an increase in the level of humidity in the soil, which could turn fatal to the coffee plants.

In order to provide a scope for the plants to carry out respiration and to prevent fruit rot disease, the planters need to remove the weeds, prune the branches and should remove the withered leaves, facilitating the movement of air near the roots. Urea should be provided to plants, once the rain recedes, the coffee board officials have said. Providing of Potash in the equal quantity will control the withering of coffee fruits, according to some experienced growers.

Acera planters are worried as the rain is not taking a break. The farmers are not able to carry out pest control measures in areca plantations, said Dharanendra, an areca planter.

The unavailability of labourers who spray insecticides has also added to the problem, he added.