'CPI takes exception to BJP offer'

In a press release, Lokesh said that even before the GP elections were announced, Minister for Rural Development made the assurance. Now BJP MLAs are going to people keeping this statement as their main election agenda. He said that CM B S Yeddyurappa must give an clarification to public on the same.

“The said statement is unconstitutional. Gram Panchayats are like Legislative Council and Lok Sabha. Hence, election to these bodies is necessary. The whole idea of making people elected persons from one party unanimously by luring them with special package is against the essence of democracy,” he said and questioned as to how the scenario will be if tomorrow central government announces another package of Rs 1,500 crore for Legislative Assembly election to make their party win unanimously.

“Any such statement after the election is announced can only be considered as bribe for the voters. There has been no clear criterion on which the Ministry has announced the amount.
There are about 5,000 GPs in the State. Even if BJP comes to power unanimously in 3,000 GPs, the State government will need Rs 450 crore. In which budget this amount has been allocated. Is there so much money left in the Government exchequer,” he questioned.
He said that State government will give away prizes to those GPs which have more than 95 per cent polling.

“We welcome this move of the Government because it will make the people participate in the process,” he said.

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