CPI(ML) seeks public support to boycott Lok Sabha polls

CPI(ML) seeks public support to boycott Lok Sabha polls

This poll is a burden as it is unwarranted

CPI(ML) District Secretary I M Poornesh has urged the citizens to reject the Lok Sabha elections.

He said that along with the various problems like price rise, drought and unemployment people have to bear the burden of this election too. The party has called up on the people to boycott Lok Sabha polls, because it is unwarranted.

“After BJP came to power in the State, the face of the CM has been changing. This election is not the expected one. It has been called for because of the failure of the BJP to solve its internal problems. BJP led Government has spent three years in confusion,” he said questioning the work done by the MP who had served the region so far.

He questioned the political parties with regard to their stand on Balasubramanya Report.
“All those parties, which are contesting in the election keeping ‘secularism’ as their Unique Selling Proposition do not know the meaning of Secularism. These parties have different flags but their agendas are the same,” he said adding that farmers, labourers, dalits, tribals and others have been left in lurch.

They are finding it difficult to make a living and hence they are migrating towards cities.
He said that CPI(ML) has decided not to field any candidate because this election is nothing but clear exploitation of the citizens. “We will spread awareness against this polls,” he said.