Dasara elephants training in full swing

Dasara elephants training in full swing

As the second batch of six Dasara elephants, led by Balarama, arrived at the Mysuru Palace on Friday, the rehearsal for Dasara Jamboo Savari is on full swing. All the 12 elephants participated in the training for the Vijayadashmi procession scheduled for October 19, on Saturday.

The second batch of jumbos include Abhimanyu, Drona, Prashant, Kaveri and Vijaya. The elephants were accorded a traditional welcome at Mysuru Palace by offering puja on their arrival. The first batch of elephants, led by howdah elephant Arjuna, Varalakshmi, Gopi, Vikrama, Dhananjaya and Chaitra, had reached the Palace on September 5. All the six elephants were undergoing training. Now, another six have joined them.

As per routine, the second batch elephants were weighed at Sai Ram Weigh Bridge, on Dhanwantri Road, and also took part in the rehearsal on day one.

According to the officials, all the elephants are physically fit and fine.

All the elephants will be served with protein-rich food to improve their physical fitness. Each elephant would gain approximately between 800-900 kg weight before the Jamboo Savari on October 19.

The elephants will be served with urad dal, green gram, wheat, boiled rice, onion, vegetables, rice, groundnut, coconut, jaggery and sugarcane during the rehearsals.