Dead lizard in mid-day meal: Over 100 kids fall sick

Dead lizard in mid-day meal: Over 100 kids fall sick

Over 100 school children fell sick after eating the mid-day meal that had a “dead lizard” in it.

The meal was served to them at Thuyalahalli government primary and high school in Turuvekere taluk, on Wednesday.

The children were admitted to the Turuvekere government hospital in the evening. Totally 112 students from the nearby Lenkanahalli, Narigenahalli, Mallur, Sinkanahalli, Banipalya attend the two schools.  

On Wednesday afternoon, mid-day meal was served to the students as usual. At about 2.30 pm, one student fell very sick and was sent home. Later a number of students complained of sickness.

When School Development and Management Committee (SDMC) president Basavaraju and other villagers went and checked the food that was served, they found a dead lizard in it. All the other children were brought in three ambulances and a Bolero.  

The hospital staff then administered first aid to all the children who had eaten the meal. Two children were shifted to the district hospital by ambulance, for further treatment.

There was some tension at the hospital when hundreds of anxious parents gathered to get their children checked up. Police arrived on the scene and controlled the situation.

Dr R K Murali of the hospital said, “Everybody says that it is food poisoning. But no one has properly revealed what contaminated the food.”