Depleting Krishna leads to distress

Depleting Krishna leads to distress

The dried up Krishna riverbed at Manjri village in Chikkodi taluk in Belagavi district. DH Photo

River Krishna drying up has created distress situation in villages along river banks in both districts. If it does not rain, the situation would become severe.

Over 100 villages in Belagavi and 125-odd in Vijayapura are supplied drinking water by tankers. Underground water table depleting has led in tanker suppliers too not getting the required quantity of water and being forced to travel longer distances.

Residents rue that river Krishna dried over a month ago, but elected representatives made no effort to get water released from dams in Maharashtra. It led to water sources in the vicinity of the river too drying up.

Lambani tandas in Vijayapura were locking up drums to ensure that none plays mischief with their stocks. Residents from villages in Belagavi and Vijayapura have deputed one person from each family to fetch drinking water and wait to get more when tankers arrive.

Grape, lemon and pomegranate growers from Indi, Tikota and Sindgi in Vijayapura were purchasing tanker water since December/January to keep the crop alive.

They were paying Rs 500 per tanker up to April, but now pay up to Rs 1000 as water availability has become scare, said, farmer Basavaraj in Vijayapura.

Water table in Indi, Chadchan, Tikota and Sindgi in Vijayapur has gone down to 1,200 feet where. Surface water samples in Baswana Bagewadi were being tested with fluoride complaints, said farmers in Vijayapura.

Migration of people during summer has turned a new face with them making towns in Goa and Maharashtra their new homes.

Farmers from Chikkodi, Raibag and Athani cultivated soyabean in earlier part of May, but drought resulted in hardly 2% sowing, that too late. Crop faces threat of seasonal pests due to delay, says, trader Uday Ghodke from Manjri in Chikkodi.

Farmer Ashok Hoswadi from Manjri said government must make efforts to ensure water release from Maharashtra for drinking. Crops have dried up, but humans and livestock need water.

Activist T S More from Chikkodi said people have dug river beds for water and wherein available were pumping it into tankers to meet drinking water needs. We are witnessing most severe problem in recent times.