Dirt race enthrals onlookers

Dirt race enthrals onlookers

Participants take part in a dirt race on the bypass at Chikkamagaluru on Sunday.

The yard next to coffee curing on the bypass at Chikkamagaluru came alive on Sunday, with dirt racing.

Hundreds of people thronged the venue and enjoyed the show put up by the daredevils who revelled in an uneven field.

Team 13 Chikkamagaluru racing and Orange Adventure Motor Sports Club organised the dirt race, a bike race, which saw the participation of 70 competitors from Karnataka and outside the state.

Racers from Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hassan, Arasikere, Mudigere, Chikkamagaluru, Sakleshpur, Mangaluru and Kerala participated.

The race was held in 12 categories including ‘ Local boys’, ‘Novice’, ‘Intermediate’, ‘Four stroke’, ‘Two-stroke’, ‘Expert-1’, ‘Indian Open -1.’

The race offered spectators a chance to see riders really go at full speed. Even after a fall, participants were seen riding with the same spirit.

An eight-year-old girl, Alina, from Bengaluru, was the centre of attraction when she rode a bike.