Drainage works cripple Kolar

Drainage works cripple Kolar

Life thrown out of gear, people struggle to travel across the City

Drainage works cripple Kolar

The boulders placed in midst of a circle, machines piling up huge heaps of soil on the sides of roads and rains converting them into muddy paths, making life miserable for pedestrians and motorists, is now a common sight in the City! This has also lead to many accidents, though many, they have resulted in massive traffic jam.

The Rs 9.28 crore drainage works taken up under Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Sewage Board is the second phase of the works. The officials told that the first phase of Rs 7.80 crore works had been completed.

The traffic police has not bothered to provide alternate routes or  having one-ways in the City. Many telephones have gone dead in the City throwing life out of gear for the common man who is already struggling with poor roads, irregular power supply and drinking water crisis. However, drainage works on the Bangarpet road didn’t create much problem for the people. But the commencement of work from ETCM circle has changed their social life.

But what really hampered people’s movement is the on going works on Double road which acts as a link between Bangarpet road, road in front of SNR hospital and M G Road. The road is the life-line of the City and thousands travel on this every day. The situation is similar on Ganesh Gudi road which is a vital link to Doom light Circle.
The rains that recently lashed the City has left no stone unturned in creating further problem. The wet and muddy roads has made people over cautious and resulted in slow movement of traffic.

Burden on small roads

This has lead people to use small roads as a precautionary measure to avoid danger of travelling on main roads. As a results small roads in Kataripalya had seen heavy traffic with vehicles plying with considerable speed risking the lives of small children. However with the beginning of works on these roads it has left motorist with little option.
The works are supposed to be completed by February 2010 which would then lead to the commencing of third phase of work!
But residents of the City question the suffering they had to undergone in the name of development.

Had the works been coordinated better between various government agencies the people wouldn't have suffered much.