Drive to seize unauthorised autos in Kolar gains momentum

Drive to seize unauthorised autos in Kolar gains momentum

As many as 2,300 autorickshaws operate in Kolar city

The operation will be intensified in the coming days. Thousands of autorickshaws plying in the City do not have requisite documents. Moreover, as it is not possible to seize all the autorickshaws at once, the operation will be conducted in phases, said PSI (Traffic) Chandrappa, on Friday.

Autorickshaw drivers who do not possess permits, vehicle insurance, fitness certificate, emission certificate and those who lack Kolar Traffic Police (KTP) number are in serious trouble.

Autorickshaws of habitual offenders will be seized. Moreover, unless the requisite documents are furnished and fine is paid, the vehicles will not be returned to the owners.

Fake KTP numbers

Autorickshaws with fake KTP numbers will also be seized. Efforts will also be directed to identify vehicles that have been plying on the streets despite the expiry of vehicle insurance. “As many as 2,300 autorickshaws registered with the Kolar Regional Transport Authority operate in the City. In addition to these, more than 300 autorickshaws registered in different places also run in Kolar city. However, only 100 autorickshaws of the total 2,5000 rickshaws have all the documents,” said PSI Chandrappa.

Traffic violators

At a meeting convened by the Deputy Commissioner and RTA officers in June, a decision was taken to initiate stringent action against traffic offenders and those who do not possess the necessary documents.

After the meeting both the autorickshaw drivers and owners sought three months to secure the necessary certificates.

The Kolar Traffic Police started its drive to seize autorickshaws violating traffic norms only after the deadline, Chandrappa added.

KTP numbers

So far, as many as 626 autorickshaws have been registered with the Kolar RTA and given the KTP numbers.In order to secure a KTP number, one has to wait for six months. Those who do not possess vehicle insurance will be fined accordingly and directed to obtain the required documents, explained Chandrappa.


*  As many as 2,500 ricks in the City
*  Only 626 ricks have been registered
*  Thousands of unauthorised autos plying on the streets
*  Obtaining KTP number is compulsory
*  Mandatory to have all requisite documents