Experts advise Kolar farmers to go organic in drought conditions

Agriculture work can be carried out with just rainwater, and using only organic techniques.

This is the verdict of M Vijendra, professor at the Sericulture Department of the Centre for Agriculture Science in Chintamani. As an example, he pointed out the success of N R Chandrashekhar, the award-winning farmer from Nenamanahalli.

Accompanied by other farmers and agriculture experts, Vijendra visited Chandrashekhar’s farm recently and praised the methods found there.  

“Chandrashekhar has undertaken model farming on a mere 30 guntas of land, using organic, rain-dependent and mixed farming techniques. He grows papaya, mango, drumstick and tur and even rears silkworms, which is a rare combination. Also, maintaining the fertility of soil, without using any chemicals has been an achievement,” said the

“Many farmers have given up on agricultural activities complaining of a lack of rain and a shortage of water supply. The success of Chandrashekhar should prove an inspiration to such farmers,” Vijendra added.

Experts from the Centre K V Anantaraman and Dr S Chandrashekhar as well as retired deputy director
of the Sericulture Department C Narayanaswamy commended Chandrashekhar.

In all, about 40 farmers from the district spoke to Chandrashekhar about the techniques used.
Chandrashekhar took the visitors on a round of his fields. He showed them pits used to collect rainwater, which is fundamental for farming of this type. He also showed them how to produce organic manure in the field.

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