Fake currency with face value Rs 1 crore seized

Fake currency with face value Rs 1 crore seized

Police Commissioner D C Rajappa giving information about fake currency seized in Belagavi on Tuesday. Accused are seen sitting.

Two persons one a Gulf returnee and another self-styled social worker who had allegedly printed and planning to circulate fake currency notes of Rs 2000 face value were arrested by the City Police on Monday night and fake currency notes with face value of Rs 1 crore were seized from their possession.

The accused have been identified as Asif Shaikh resident of Vadgaon suburb who had returned to the city after working for four years in Dubai wherein he had acquired knowledge to use computers, different software printer, while another accused as Rafiq Desai resident of Sri Nagar, a self-styled social worker who feeds patients in the District Hospital in the morning hours.

Police Commissioner D C Rajappa told reporters told reporters here on Tuesday that they had received a specific tip-off that one person identified as Asif Shaikh who has printed fake currency notes had been coming towards Sri Nagar to hand it over to another person Rafiq Desai for circulation. Teams under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Seema Latkar and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Mahaning Nandgavi comprising of Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) Mahanteshwar Jiddi and Assistant Commissioner of Police (Market Subdivision) Narayan Baramani were formed and a trap laid.

While Shaikh who had come on a scooter had been handing over a bag containing fake notes to Desai, police teams raided them and both were detained. During checkup of the things in the bag, it was found that 50 bundles of fake currency notes with Rs 2000 face value were in it.

During interrogation, Desai informed the police that the currency notes were fake and Shaikh had printed them in his residence by using a laptop, CorelDraw software and printer. Police seized the equipment from his residence in the presence of witnesses, he said. 

Among the fake notes seized, those with Rs 2000 face value have serial No 6FQ210241 and with Rs 500 face value have serial No 6BP478309. Shaikh had earlier attempted to print currency notes of Rs 50 and Rs 100 face value, but could not succeed, but the Rs 2000 face value note was near to the genuine currency note. Fake currency notes of face value Rs 1,00,81,500 were seized, he stated.

Rajappa said the case will be handed over to Crime Investigation Department for further investigations with the fake currency value being big and it coming under their jurisdiction. Information of the fake notes seizure has also been shared with the police of neighbouring states of Goa and Maharashtra.