Gendekatte park gets two antelopes from Shivamogga

The Gendekatte Park, on the outskirts of the city, has added two female deer to its fleet. The deer have been brought from Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Reserve in Shivamogga.

With the new addition, it is hoped that the park, which already has more than 70 deer, would be converted into a mini zoo in the future. According to the Forest department, as the park has one male antelope (Raju), it initiated the process to add two female antelopes to the park around five months ago. As it was risky to transport the animals during the rainy season, it was postponed. However, the two female antelopes were brought to the park on Saturday by Assistant Conservator of Forest Harish and veterinarian Dr Muralidhar.

The male antelope, which is in the park now, had strayed into the house of Paramesh of Athihalli, in Sakleshpur taluk, four years ago. He named it ‘Raju’ and nurtured it. However, after a complaint was lodged by a farmer in this regard, the Forest department shifted Raju to Gendekatte park. Now, there are three antelopes in the park. The deer would be allowed into Raju’s enclosure after 10 days, authorities said.

DCF Shivaram Babu said, as the number of deer in the park has crossed the 100 mark, there is a proposal to convert it into a mini zoo. Veterinarian Dr Muralidhar said, the two female antelopes will be allowed into Raju’s enclosure once they get acclimatised with the new environment.

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