Green chillies bring smiles on the faces of farmers

Green chillies bring smiles on the faces of farmers

Farmers bring green chilly to the 'shandy' market in Shanivarasanthe for sale.

The increase in the price of green chilly in the ‘shandy’ market has left the farmers smiling.

The shandy received five loads of green chilly and the rate was Rs 700 a sack (17 kg). Last week’s price stood at Rs 450-550 for a 25-kg sack. 

“Shandy markets observe that if the harvests are high, prices tend to go down. But, if the harvests are low, the prices increase. The yield is dependent on rain and water. If the farmers’ get good returns, the traders to will benefit,” explained Shivamogga’s trader Basha Saheb.

Green chilly shandy in Shanivarasanthe is popular across the state. A variety of chillies purchased from these farmers are dispatched to prominent cities in the state and also outside.

Traders from Arakalgud, Mysuru, Shivamogga and Chitradurga come to Shanivarasanthe for trade.

Chilly shandy has been going on for three months in the market. The yield is less this year due to poor rain.  Farmers from Somwarpet and Sakleshpur taluks bring in a variety of chillies as well. This shandy will go on for another month till the wetland farming begins.

“We usually work in our front yard farms and we bring in workers only while harvesting these chillies. We feel content when we receive profits after reducing the costs of farming and transportation,” said Moodaravalli’s farmer Rajappa.

In the region, after the main crop is harvested during summer, the farmers grow chilly, ginger and corn.

Income from these help the farmers in paying up their children’s school fee, along with providing for their daily needs.