Hectic parleying on for CMC president's post in Kolar

16 councillors sent on North India tour

Naseer was in power for 19 months and with his resignation, the count down has begun for electing a new chief for the urban local body. The aspirants are leaving no stone unturned to capture power this time.

Independent candidates have a majority in the 35-member Kolar City Municipal Council. R Varthur Prakash, an independent legislator has a sway over the local body.

There were 18 independent members in the City Municipal council. The number has now been reduced to 13. A total of 19 councillors including four from Congress and two of JD(S) have identified themselves with Varthur Prakash.

There are two factions in Congress - of K H Muniyappa, the Union Minister of State for Railways and K Srinivasa Gowda, the former legislator. Four members of the City Municipal Council owe their allegiance to Srinivasa Gowda faction. The rest - there are seven JD(S) members and one BJP member in the Council.

Number game

The number of councillors with Srinivasa Gowda faction has gone up to 11 as the loyalists have the support of JD(S). The person winning the run up to the post of president should secure votes of 19 members and the Varthur Prakash faction has this strength under its belt.

In fact there are 20 votes in this faction including that of the legislator. On the other hand, there are four votes for K H Muniyappa faction including that of the Union Minister, while Srinivasa Gowda faction enjoys the support of 11 votes.

The total of all these numbers to not cross 16, and hence the post of the president remains a dream. However, last minute political developments may turn the table.

The first 30 months of the president’s post is reserved for Backward Class (A) category and that of the vice-president is reserved for Scheduled Caste. Since V K Rajesh has not resigned as vice-president, he is likely to be continued in the position for the balance of eleven months.

Stiff competition

There is stiff competition between Praksh and Madhusudhan,  for the post of the president. Legislator Varthur Prakash who has a say in the CMC politics is making every effort to retain the position for his faction. With a view to ensure the loyalty of the members favouring him,  particularly during the last-minute developments, he has organised a North India tour for all the 19 members supporting him. Out of them 16 went on the tour on Thursday n night. The subsequent political developments will decide the president.

However, people feel that the City could have registered more development in terms of infrastructure and basic amenities had the members evinced interest for development of their wards, they have shown for North India tour.

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