Indira canteen awaits inauguration

Indira canteen awaits inauguration

In spite of the work on Indira canteen being completed at Narasimharajapura, the canteen is yet to be opened for the general public.

Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah during his visit to Narasimharajapura last November had promised to extend Indira canteen facilities to all the taluk centres.

Accordingly, the work on the Indira canteen commenced in the fifth ward near the bus shelter in NR Pura in March.

The town panchayat had earmarked Rs 7.50 lakh for the purpose. The work moved at a snail’s pace after the Assembly elections were announced.

“The previous state government had started Indira canteens which aimed at serving the poor at subsidised rates to the common man. The canteen should be started at the taluk level,” said former Jilla Raitha Sangha President Vinayak Malooru Dinne.

Town Panchayat Chief Officer Kuriokose said that the work on the canteen has not been completed.

“The contractor is yet to hand over the building to the town panchayat,” he said.

The public has urged the authorities to complete the work at the earliest.

Legislator T D Raje Gowda said that the work on Indira canteen will be completed at the earliest and the facilities will be thrown open for the public.

Deputy Commissioner Srirangaiah said that tender has been invited for the supply of food at the Indira canteen. The canteen will be opened shortly.

In Kadur

Even in Kadur, the canteen is yet to be opened to the general public.

Siddaramaiah had laid the foundation for a few development works including Indira Canteen three months ago.

The work on the canteen has been completed in Kadur. Even the menu list with price has been displayed in the canteen. Only the portrait of Indira Gandhi to be installed is pending.