Kolar CMC collects Rs 4 lakh dues from shops, theatres, lodges

Kolar CMC collects Rs 4 lakh dues from shops, theatres, lodges

President, commissioner undertake sudden collection

The City Municipal Council president Nazia and commissioner R Shalini overlooked the collection of revenue pending for several years in an unexpected operation on Friday.

Shops that were yet to pay revenue were locked. Water supply to Suguna and New Kolar nursing homes was cut during the collection work. The collection throughout the day added up to Rs four lakh.

Employees of the CMC played the Tamate for about half an hour in front of Pallavi Theatre at New Bus Stand Circle, with the officers demanding payment. The huge movie posters in front of the theatre were pulled down using earth movers.

Request for time

Immediately the manager of the theatre rushed out and asked for a day’s time. Refusing, the commissioner said, “We have already approached you twice, asking you to pay. The cheque you submitted the last time bounced.” The theatre was also locked.

The staff played the Tamate in front of Prabhat Talkies too, demanding payment of dues up to Rs one lakh.

Gangotri Lodge was the next hunt. Even as the commissioner had the lodge locked, the owner approached her and promised to pay the pending Rs 75,000 by Saturday.

The advertisement banners put up on the APMC building too were pulled down.

Footpath encroached

Shalini expressed dissatisfaction about several shops occupying the footpath on Sharada Talkies road. She ordered the shopowners to keep their things inside the shops.

Several people watched the commissioner with curiosity as she moved around warning the shopowners holding a small stick in hand.

Second instance

This is the second time the commissioner is undertaking collection of revenue dues. Soon after her appointment, Shalini had gone about the City and collected Rs nine lakh revenue dues in one day from owners of petrol bunks, movie theatres and lodges.

She had, however, alleged hindrance from certain members of the CMC to such collection. She had also faced opposition when she undertook clearance of unlicensed meat stalls, as instructed by Deputy Commissioner Manoj Kumar Meena.